Welcome to OR-Stretch

A short intraoperative set of stretches developed by surgeons for surgeons.

The stretches aim to counteract the effects of intraoperative strains of surgeon’s positions and posture and are performed without breaking scrub.

This app will lead you through the stretch exercises (you don’t have to remember them) and act as a timer to remind you when it is time to stretch. If engaging in any of these movements causes pain, you should stop immediately.

You can set time interval between stretches (30-120 minutes) and may snooze the timer to postpone the stretch to a more opportune time during the procedure.

Give us your feedback

To aid the further development and research underlying OR-Stretch, we will ask you a few questions about you and your surgical practice prior to the first time you use OR-Stretch.

At the end of each day you use OR-Stretch, we will email you a quick survey about your experiences with OR-Stretch to assess the impact of the program. Your data will be de-identified and aggregated.

We appreciate your taking the time to help us to further improve OR-Stretch.